Recorder of the Year

Robyn Christie, MMC, City of Bend

2019 Recorder of the Year

This year’s recipient is quiet and unassuming. She is the quintessential City Recorder- working behind the scenes for the greater good, with little public or peer acknowledgment. Her nomination focused on two areas: public relations and records management. This year the Office of the Public Records Advocate, in conjunction with Governor Kate Brown, initiated a new program to honor government employees who upheld not only the letter, but also the spirit, of Oregon’s public records law. The recipients were nominated by government leaders, members of the public, or members of the media. Earlier this year, this person received this special honor because they provided decisive assistance to a member of the media during several elections without requiring the media member to file additional request or to pay a fee for the records as there was a great deal of public interest around this matter. This Recorder’s model of providing elections information to the media is something we all as City Recorder’s should considering adopting.

Sentiments from her nomination include:

“She has an exceptional calm demeanor and professionalism that she brings to the position and the City. Her positive attitude and responsiveness to City Councilors and City staff has earned her the respect of individuals across the political spectrum. She has the ability to handle politics, citizens and controversy diplomatically.”

Congratulations, Robyn!

Nicole Morris, MMC,  Immediate Past President,
Deputy City Recorder
City of Tualatin


It would be an honor if you would please read the guidelines below and take the time to nominate your City Recorder, Deputy City Recorder, or other eligible designee to receive the Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders’ “Recorder of the Year” Award. I encourage you to acknowledge your City Recorder, and to recognize their professionalism, and dedication to their career.  We all know how valuable our City Recorders are to our cities with the support they provide, and the many things they do that go above and beyond their normal job duties. 


  1. Any individual OAMR member, board member, City Manager, or Mayor may submit a confidential nomination to the President no later than Friday, August 7, 2020.
  2. The President shall select a recipient for the Recorder of the Year award from the nominations submitted. There may be years in which there are no outstanding nominees. The decision of the President is final.
  3. Recognition will be at the annual conference and will include presentation of a plaque and complimentary registration at the following year’s annual OAMR conference. The registration is not transferable to anyone other than the award winner.
  4. Criteria for selection are as follows:
      • Any OAMR member in good standing is eligible, with the exception of the President, First Vice President, and Second Vice President. A member in good standing means a fully paid member.
      • The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution or performed outstanding service to OAMR, to the profession of Municipal Recorder, or to an individual city during the association fiscal year. In general, it is not sufficient that a person performed his/her duties well. This award recognizes outstanding service and performance over and above the person’s job description.
      • Areas of expertise may include but are not limited to the following:
          • Public Relations Organization and Administration
          • Special Projects
          • Legislative Procedures
          • Council Procedures
          • Records Management
          • Technology
          • Emergency Preparedness
          • Other: ______________________________

Please use the Recorder of the Year Nomination Form to nominate a Recorder.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Kathy Payne, MMC, OAMR President
City of St. Helens

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