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Please read the guidelines below and take the time to nominate any City Recorder or yourself to receive the Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders’ “Recorder of the Year” Award. You are encouraged to participate in this program, in order to acknowledge recorders and recognize their excellence and professional accomplishments.

Nomination Deadline – August 10, 2018


1.  Any individual OAMR member, board member, City Manager, or Mayor may submit a confidential nomination to the President.

2.  The President shall select a recipient for the Recorder of the Year award from the nominations submitted. There may be years in which there are no outstanding nominees. The decision of the President is final.

3.  Recognition will be at the annual conference and will include presentation of a plaque and complimentary registration at the following year’s annual OAMR conference. The registration is not transferable to anyone other than the award winner.

4.  Criteria for selection are as follows:

a. Any OAMR member in good standing is eligible, with the exception of the President, First Vice President, and Second Vice President. A member in good standing means a fully paid member.

b. The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution or performed outstanding service to OAMR, to the profession of Municipal Recorder, or to an individual city during the association fiscal year. In general, it is not sufficient that a person performed his/her duties well. This award recognizes outstanding service and performance over and above the person’s job description.

c. Areas of expertise may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Public Relations
  • Organization and Administration
  • Special Projects
  • Legislative Procedures
  • Council Procedures
  • Records Management
  • Technology
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Other: _________________________________________

Please use the Recorder of the Year Nomination Form to nominate a Recorder.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Debbie Hamilton, CMC
OAMR President
Community Relations &
Admin Services Director
Senior City Recorder
Social Media Manager
City of Sutherlin
126 E. Central Avenue
Sutherlin, OR 97479
541-459-2856 Ext. 203
Fax 541-459-9363

Anna Ruggles, CMC, City of Forest Grove

2017 Recorder of the Year

The Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders (OAMR) presented Forest Grove City Recorder Anna Ruggles, CMC, with the 2017 City Recorder of the Year award. Anna received the award at the association’s Annual Conference banquet held at  the  Best Western Agate Beach Inn in Newport, Oregon, on September 22, 2017.

OAMR is a professional organization dedicated to promoting governmen-tal relationships and providing educational and training opportunities for over 200 Oregon city recorders statewide. The guidelines for Recorder of the Year state that any OAMR member, City  Manager,  or  Mayor  may   submit   a   confidential nomination to acknowledge recorders and recognize their excellence  and  professional  accomplishments.  The  nominee must have made an outstanding contribution or performed outstanding service to OAMR, to the profession of Municipal Recorder,  or  to  an  individual  city  during  the  association's fiscal year. This award recognizes outstanding service and performance over and  above  the  person’s  job  description. Some possible strengths might include areas such as Public Relations, Records Management, Legislative  or  Council Procedures, or even a special project.

Anna has worked for the City of Forest Grove for 15 years and received rave reviews for all her hard work on behalf of the City.
Below are excerpts from the nomination letters:
Anna handles all public meeting requirements for her seven member Council that meets twice a month and has
augmented her City’s reputation for transparency and public integrity. She also coordinates the sister city visits to and from Nyuzen, Japan.

This past year after recognizing that portions of the City Code were duplicative, inconsistent, and outdated Anna initiated a massive effort to update, streamline, and re-codify the City’s Code. She also worked on the passage of several ordinances from exclusion ordinances to marijuana. She worked with the City Attorney and staff to assure the Code was well written, documented, and recorded properly.

Anna developed a comprehensive, informative, and concise Council orientation packet. In addition, she organized training sessions for her Council that included legislative, quasi-judicial, and administrative procedures coupled with ethics law and conflicts of interest. She has worked on Council procedures and while some of those issues were controversial she brought patience, expertise, and integrity to the process; helping to inform the debate, sharpen the interpretation, and facilitate a solution.

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