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As Municipal Recorders, we are at the center of municipal government and play an important role in city government, as well as in the structure of our communities as a whole. Often, however, we look "outside" ourselves for acknowledgement and recognition. We are asking you to "look within" yourselves and our organization. Look at what you and other Recorders have accomplished this year.

The President’s Award of Distinction is awarded to an OAMR member who has contributed greatly to a committee of OAMR or has performed exceptional work for OAMR. Nominations for this award are accepted only from OAMR members.


1. Any individual member or board member may submit a confidential nomination to the President no later than Friday, August 11, 2017.

2. The President shall select a recipient for the “Award of Distinction” from the membership of OAMR. There may be years in which there are no outstanding nominees. The decision of the President is final.

3. Recognition will be at the annual conference and will include presentation of a plaque and complimentary registration at the following year’s annual OAMR conference. The registration is not transferable, and can only be used by the award winner.

4. Criteria for selection are as follows:

a. Any OAMR member in good standing is eligible, with the exception of the President, First Vice President, and Second Vice President. Member in good standing means a fully paid member.

b. The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution or performed outstanding service to OAMR during the association fiscal year.

c. Areas of nomination may include but are not limited to the following categories:

  • Leadership
  • OAMR Committee Work
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • OAMR Programs or Education Development
  • Other: ___________________________________

Please use the President's Award of Distinction Nomination Form to nominate a Recorder.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Dale Shafer
City Manager/Recorder
OAMR President
City Nehalem
PO Box 143
Nehalem, OR 97131
503-368-5627 (phone)
503-368-4175 (fax)

Melissa Thompson-Kiefer, CMC, City of Nehalem

2016 President's Award of Distinction

Melissa Thompson-Kiefer 2016 Presidents Award of DistinctionThe 2016 President’s Award of Distinction was presented to Melissa Thompson-Kiefer, CMC, City of Nehalem. This honor is awarded to a member of our association who has contributed greatly to a committee or has performed exceptional work for OAMR, and nominations for this award are accepted only from OAMR members. Some areas considered might be in Leadership, OAMR Committee Work, Lifetime Achievement, OAMR Programs or Education Development.

Melissa has been a member of OAMR for only a few years, but in that short time, she has taken on leadership and support roles in OAMR that have made a big impact on our membership.  One excerpt from a nomination reads, “This person is an absolute joy to work with.  She’s innovative, capable, smart and eager to learn”.  Another nomination said that “I can’t say enough about how professional, prompt and patient she was with me and our members, as we worked through the online renewals project”

Melissa has been a member, and chairperson of the Internet Committee, as well as several of my subcommittee’s over the last few years, and I can attest to her can-do attitude, and her ability to cheerfully take on any task, and more importantly, knowing that you can hand her almost anything, and she will follow through, and complete all projects handed to her.  I found her service invaluable, and she is an incredible asset to OAMR. 

Our previous Internet Committee Chairperson, Deanna Casey, had the foresight and vision to recommend the Wild Apricot website developers to OAMR.  Melissa took that software, and ran with it.  She has been instrumental in changing the way we have done things for many years, by using the software and tools available to us through that system.  Since she’s been the chair of the Internet Committee, she’s brought all of the organizations membership renewals into the digital age, by moving from paper to online renewals.  Our conference registrations are now done on-line, and the reporting that is available through that system has simplified the jobs for the registration team, and for all the other members who need to access conference data.  Melissa has also recently obtained her CMC designation, right before Conference.

Melissa has made a positive impact on our organization, her City, and on the people that she’s worked with in OAMR.  I appreciate her optimism, and work ethic.  She’s a shining example of a person who deserves the Presidents Awards of Distinction.  Thank you Melissa, for all you’ve done!

Michele Eldridge, CMC, OAMR President 2015-2016

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