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Izetta Grossman, CMC, City of The Dalles

2019 The Ripple Effect Award

Just like a pebble dropped into a pool makes ripples that radiate outward, the recipient of this award has done just that. My hope is that this award touches not only the recipient tonight but everyone who is present here today and those who will hear about it later. Tonight I have decided to pass out the Ripple Effect Award based on a letter that was sent to the listserv this past January. I truly feel that everything you do has an impact on someone somewhere and this letter impacted me. I would like to read you some of it:

“Last night I did a presentation as part of our first ever Local Government Academy. I have done presentations before – not very well. I turn red, shake like a leaf and stutter. Last night I hit my time limit, I didn’t stutter, I didn’t shake or turn red. I had answers to the questions. Ok, it wasn’t perfect, but honestly, when are things ever perfect.

On my way home it occurred to me that I am not the person I was when I moved to my City 16 years ago; or the person who went to work for the City 12.5 years ago; or even the person who became City Clerk 3 years ago. I really am a leader. I really do want what is best for my community. I really do want transparency and communication.

My confidence is stronger; my ability to give myself grace is better; my recognition that your best is good enough; and much more is a direct, trackable result of my involvement with OAMR and attending PD I, II, III, conferences, Athenian Dialogues; and the relationships I have built.”

She ended her letter with this: “I promise you one day down the road you will feel what I did last night. I want that for you – you are worth it.”

I read this quote from an author that inspired this award and it said “May the ripples you send forth this day be guided by the impulse of loving-kindness, selflessness, non-judgment, compassion, and joy. This is what our world needs now and you are the “perfect pebble” to make some mighty waves.”

It is an honor for me to say that in my eyes Izetta Grossman, CMC, City of The Dalles, represented that “Perfect Pebble” with her sentiments and I am glad to present her with the Ripple Effect Award.

Nicole Morris, CMC, Immediate Past President,
Deputy City Recorder
City of Tualatin

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