Mid-Year Academy Information

2019 OAMR Mid-Year Academy

was held Friday, April 5, 2019
8:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
RiverHouse on the Deschutes in Bend, Oregon

KTAP (Knowledge Transfer Action Plan

The Mid-Year Academy will provide three education points for both CMC and MMC candidates satisfactory completion of an assessment.

In order to receive educational points for attending this Academy session, you must complete a course assessment (KTAP) to meet IIMC requirements. Please complete the following questions in written form and email to Joann Tilton, at joann.tilton@wsu.edu, by May 3, 2019. Your certificate of completion will be e-mailed to you when Joann receives your written assignment.

Click here for the KTAP in Word format

“Work Smarter, Live Better”
Presented by Joe Robinson

This session will provide three education points for both CMC and MMC candidates on completion of an assessment. The cost of the workshop is $150.00 for OAMR members, $165 for non-members, and includes lunch.

Joe Robinson, a work-life balance trainer, will provide tips to OAMR members on how to lead a balanced life. Robinson is one of the country’s most quoted experts on work-life balance, productivity, and stress management. He has appeared on The Today Show, CNN, NBC Nightly News, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, and in the Wall Street Journal, Time, Fortune, the Los Angeles Times, and dozens of newspapers and radio stations around the country to discuss how to work smarter and break out of the burnout cycle.

Robinson notes that in a crazy-busy world, it's very easy to get caught up in a work style that makes us act before we think, reacting to devices and others all day. It's a pattern that leads to doing more than we can do well, and results in mistakes, stress, burnout, and reduced productivity.

There's a more productive way to work: managing demands, instead of having them manage us. This inspirational and interactive training will show OAMR members how to do that, by using the latest research and best practices to make key adjustments to performing tasks and response to stress, time frenzy, and other reflex behaviors.

Additionally, we will leave with an array of self-management tools to manage interruptions and email overload, improve time management and prioritization, increase focus, reframe stress, refuel energy, and dramatically upgrade quality of life.
Robinson will also present strategies to navigate the work-life divide and activate a fulfilling life outside the office, shown to increase attention and success on the job.

As a top keynote speaker and work-life balance, stress management, and time management trainer, Robinson has inspired conferences and workshop audiences from IBM to Kellogg's, Nestle, Blackstone, Anheuser Busch (ABinBev), the Reserve Bank of India, Capgemini, LEGO, Kaiser Permanente, New York City Public Health Department, Blue Shield, Denver Fire and Rescue, Westin Hotels, the National Council for Behaviorial Health, Lockheed Martin, Fullerton School District, Exxon Mobil, the University of California at Los Angeles, Imagine Entertainment, and many more.

Robinson trained the staff at the UCLA Counseling Center in techniques for resolving workplace stress and has coached individuals across the country and world, from CEOs to IT professionals, to work more effectively and cut stress.
Robinson is the author of the acclaimed book, Work to Live, which shows through the science how to avoid reflex defaults that let the demands and devices manage us, instead of the other way around. He also created the audio program, the "Email Overload Survival Kit," the complete guide to controlling messaging.

Robinson is based in Los Angles, and is an avid hiker, salsa and samba aficionado, adventure traveler, music fan, and trainer extraordinaire.

Hotel Information

RiverHouse on the Deschutes in Bend
3075 N. Business Hwy 97
Bend, OR 97703

(866) 453-4480


Room Sharing & Carpooling

Sharing a room and/or carpooling is not all about saving dollars, it is, however, one of the easiest ways to make friends…and it is these connections that you will cherish long after you return home.

Please complete the form below to be added to the list of attendees seeking a roommate and/or carpool. Once assigned, you and your travel friend will be responsible to make arrangements and hotel reservation at the RiverHouse. 

Room Sharing & Carpooling Form 

Please return form no later than February 28, 2019, to:
Anna Ruggles, City of Forest Grove, 503.992.3235

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