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Mid-Year Academy Information

2021 OAMR virtual Mid-Year Academy

March 31 & April 1st, 2021

“Built for the Storm,” presented by Dr. De Hicks

This session will provide three education points for both CMC and MMC candidates on completion of an assessment. The cost of the Academy Session is $90.00.

Based on 35 years of research, this class uncovers small changes you can make that result in a big difference, right away. Apply these changes and your life and work will be transformed. This class will help participants understand the following:

•    What is stress (hint: it is not what you always thought)
•    How to manage stress on a daily basis
•    How to help those you influence manage stress
•    What is the difference between a discipline and a habit
•    How to replace old habits that don’t work with new ones that do (it’s easier than you think)
•    How to use your limited willpower reserves to jump start a discipline You will also learn about:
•    How resilient people think (it makes all the difference)
•    How to think like a resilient person
•    The most leveraged and effective habits and disciplines of resilient people
•    How to be younger next year
•    How to manage conflict, especially the kind that stresses you out
•    How to manage your work so that you get the right stuff done
Participants will also be introduced to the Five Disciplines of High Performing Teams.

Dr. Hicks is the Founder and President of the RMC Group of Companies which includes SCGI, a research firm dedicated to improving performance of high-impact, mission-oriented organizations. SCGI’s research, led by Dr. Hicks, has resulted in significant gains in impact and productivity for newly minted and experienced leaders. His research has resulted in breakthroughs in the science of habit formation, effective decision-making, cross-functional and interdisciplinary communication, conflict management, change management as well as groundbreaking insights into stress management.

Dr. Hicks has 35 years of experience in researching, teaching, complex problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, mentoring, coaching, and strategic change management. Dr. Hicks is a featured speaker at conferences across the United States and works effectively with small and large groups. His firm’s clients have included the Department of Defense’s Command University, Multiple Police and Fire Departments, 9-1-1 Regional Centers, Healthcare consortiums, Universities, Software Development firms, Investment Funds, Broadcast and Print Journalism Enterprises, and International Trade Consortiums.

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