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Are you looking for a way to become more involved in OAMR, meet new friends, network with peers, and share your ideas? All of these opportunities await you as an OAMR committee member. Sign-up sheets will be available at the annual conference in September. However, if you are unable to attend the conference or just want to get a head start, fill out and submit the Committee Sign-Up form. Not all committees require your attendance at meetings. Our communications are regularly done by email, fax or phone. So even if you can't travel to the meetings, get involved! We need your input. Thank you for making OAMR a success!

Audit Committee
Purpose: To conduct the annual audit of the financial records of OAMR.

Chair: Linda Galeazzi, CMC, Salem

2020-2021 Audit Committee Certificates

City Recorder's Procedure Manual Committee
Purpose: To review and update the procedure manual created by OAMR and used as a guide by OAMR members and other City Recorders.

Chair:  Lori Lesmeister, North Plains

2020-2021 City Recorder's Procedure Manual Committee Certificates

Education Committee
Purpose:  To encourage and support the OAMR membership by providing educational opportunities.

Chairs: Peggy Hawker, MMC, Newport and Angie Lanter, MMC, City of Banks

2020-2021 Education Committee Certificates

Internet Committee
Purpose: To maintain fresh and relevant information regarding the distinct heritage of our profession through a well-designed, user friendly, and updated website. 

Chair: Kayla Duddy, Redmond

2020-2021 Internet Committee Certificates

Legislative Committee
Purpose: To stimulate interest and activity in legislation affecting municipal government and to study proposed legislation and report to the OAMR Executive Board and membership. The committee maintains a close working relationship with the League of Oregon Cities to receive committee training and monitor legislation that affects jurisdictions and the profession of the municipal recorder. Appointment to the Legislative Committee is a two-year appointment.

Chairs: Sue Ryan, CMC, City of Newberg and Scott Stauffer, CMC, City of Milwaukie

2020-2021 Legislative Committee Certificates

Mentoring Committee
Purpose: To encourage professional growth and development of new members through the OAMR Mentoring Program. 

Chair: Sylvia Murphy, MMC, Sherwood

2020-2021 Mentoring Committee Certificates

Nominating Committee
Purpose: To provide the membership with a slate of candidates at the annual meeting.

Chair: Christie Teets, City of Molalla

2020-2021 Nominating Committee Certificates

Records Management Committee Purpose: To provide training on Records Management and Retention Schedules.

Co-Chairs: Sue Ryan, CMC, Newberg

2020-2021 Records Management Committee Certificates

Retired Clerks Committee
Purpose: To develop opportunities for retired recorders who wish to continue with some level of activity in the organization and the profession.

Chair: Diane Harris, CMC, Sutherlin & Melanie Masterfield, Sutherlin 

2020-2021 Retired Clerks Committee

Special Projects & Fundraising Committee
Purpose: To coordinate special projects to raise money for various purposes including education and scholarships and to help with the success of the annual conference in regard to door prizes and freebies.

Chair: Nanci Sandoval, City of Umatilla 

2020-2021 Special Projects & Fundraising Committee Certificates

Bylaws Committee 
Purpose: To review the OAMR Bylaws and prepare proposed changes to be reviewed and approved by the membership.

Chair: Anna Ruggles, CMC, Forest Grove

2020-2021 Bylaws Committee Certificates

Conference Committee
Purpose: To coordinate the annual conference. Subcommittees include Facility, Registration, Sponsors, Vendors, Speakers/Entertainment, Handbook, Hospitality, Special Events, and Finance.

Chair: Karin Johnson, MMC, City of Independence

2020-2021 Conference Committee Certificates 

Historical Preservation Committee
Purpose: To preserve the history of the Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders.

Chair: Gloria Tucker, Newport

2020-2021 Historical Preservation Committee Certificates

Membership Committee
Purpose: To encourage membership in the Association.

Chair:  Phyllis Bolman, MMC, Monmouth

OAMR Pamphlet

2020-2021 Membership Committee Certificates

Newsletter Committee 
Purpose: To produce and distribute four issues of the OAMR Newsletter per year.

Chair: Lisa Scholl, MMC, St. Helens

Deadline for submission of articles for:

  • Spring Edition: March 18, 2022
  • Summer Edition: June 17, 2022
  • Fall Edition: October 7, 2022
  • Winter Edition: December 16, 2022
2020-2021 Newsletter Committee Certificates

Northwest Clerks Institute Education Committee
Purpose: Members of this committee are the Chairs of the Education and Professional Development committees and one additional member appointed by the President.

Karin Johnson, MMC, Independence
Peggy Hawker, MMC, Newport
Angie Lanter, MMC, City of Banks

Professional Growth & Leadership Development Committee
Purpose: To promote the professional image of the City Recorder through continuing education and to coordinate certification programs with the Northwest Municipal Clerks Institute to develop Professional Development I, II, and II goals and educational requirements. In addition, this committee will help educate local government officials and the public on the importance of the office of City Recorder. The committee is also charged with coordinating the OAMR booth at the Annual LOC Conference.

Chair: Karin Johnson, MMC, Independence

2020-2021 Professional Growth & Leadership Development Committee Certificates

Scholarship Committee
Purpose: To administer financial aid, in the form of scholarships, to OAMR members who otherwise would not be able to take advantage of educational opportunities.

Chair: Courteney Davis, City of Reedsport

2020-2021 Scholarship Committee

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