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(Nomination/Candidacy Deadline: February 20, 2019, 5:00 p.m.)

By: Susan M. Reeves, MMC, Nominating Committee Chair

Ask yourself these questions: Do I want to be part of the body that is responsible for making decisions regarding policy, service, and education? Do I want my decisions, direction, and vision about OAMR’s future, to directly impact the membership? If you answered yes, to both or either question, it’s time to put your ideas, perspective, knowledge, and leadership skills to work by taking the steps to become an OAMR Board member.

At the September, 2019, Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders (OAMR) Annual Business Meeting, the OAMR membership will consider electing officers for the 2019-2020 year. Pursuant to OAMR Bylaws, Article V, Section 3, only active members of the Association, in good standing, shall be eligible to hold office. Further, candidates must have actively participated on an Association Committee for two years, within the past four year, prior to taking office.

The following is the list of Board positions for the 2019-2020 year. These are abbreviated job descriptions, but complete job descriptions are available upon request, or can be located on the OAMR website.


The Second Vice President’s term of office is a four-year commitment, beginning with the position of Second Vice President, moving to First Vice President, then President, and finally Immediate Past President, as an Ex-Officio member of the Board. Duties include, but are not necessarily limited to:

      • Chairing of the Special Projects/Fundraising Committee; 
      • Soliciting quotes for lodging/conference facilities and travels to locations for site visits to determine viability for upcoming mid-year and annual conference, and presents options to the organization; 
      • Acting as First Vice President in her/his absence; and 
      • Serving as a member of the Budget Committee. 

The Treasurer position is a two-year commitment. Candidates are required to have a background with municipal financing. Duties include, but are not limited to:
      • Receipt/Record/Deposit all monies received by OAMR; 
      • Track and record all expenses in the appropriate account; 
      • Pay all due and payable in a timely manner; 
      • Maintain/balance checkbook; reconcile statements; 
      • Work with various OAMR Committees as they relate to the financial aspect, i.e. registration for conferences, vendors, sponsors, fundraising events, etc.; 
      • Prepare annual financial report for annual conference business meeting; 
      • Is an active member of the Audit Committee; 
      • Provides Board with quarterly financial statements; 
      • Is the Registered Agent of OAMR; 
      • Tracks/Updates signers on all OAMR accounts; 
      • Prepares Federal Tax forms as necessary in a timely manner; 
      • Prepares annual State Raffle License, as necessary; 
      • Prepares receipts for all tax-deductible donations. 

The term of office for Region Directors is two years. Duties shall include, but are not limited to:
      • Attendance at all Board meetings and conferences; 
      • Encouraging membership in both OAMR and IIMC; 
      • Encouraging attendance at OAMR mid-year and annual conferences; 
      • Contributing articles and/or information for inclusion in the OAMR quarterly newsletter; 
      • Coordinating region basket for fundraising at conference; 
      • Writing letters of support for members applying for their CMC designation. 

Region Director positions up for election include (covering cities located within the listed counties):
Region II: Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington, Yamhill
Region IV: Douglas, Lane Region
VI: Crook, Deschutes, Hood River, Jefferson, Sherman, Wasco
If you are interested in submitting your name as a candidate for any of the above positions, please complete all of the following steps, and submit a completed application to the Nominating Committee Chair by Wednesday, February 20, 2019, at 5:00 p.m.:
  • Declaration of Candidacy form
  • Candidate Statement

  • Letter of Support from Mayor or municipality you represent

  • Recent photograph (high quality color digital)

  • Copies of OAMR Certificates issued for active participation on OAMR Committees for two years, within the past four years.
Information will be provided for publication in the OAMR Newsletter, as well as the Annual Conference program. Elections will be conducted in accordance with Article VI of the OAMR Bylaws at the Annual Conference.

Susan M. Reeves, MMC, City Recorder
OAMR Nominating Committee Chair
City of Scappoose
33568 East Columbia Avenue
Scappoose, Oregon 97056
503-543-7146, ext. 224

Members of the Nominating Committee include:
Cathy Nelson, CMC
Peggy Hawker, MMC
Tori Barnett, MMC
Debby Roth, MMC

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